Juice Review: Naughty from St. Augustine Censored

So why “Censored”?  To use the term “Organic”, the company has to pay an exorbitant amount of money to use the term, under USDA rules and regulations.  They decided to use this to their fullest advantage in both the label and the product.  What you get is a…well…let’s take a look.

“A seductive rich white chocolate custard eliquid with candied ginger make this a purely decadent vape.  Just the right amount of lemon zest finish makes sure keep you coming back for more.”

Packaging: The label is a huge throwback to the 1920’s, with a flapper girl posing in what would be considered pornography in the early days of the 20th century.  She is showing bare shoulders, covered in drapes or a dress to be provocative.  The logo underneath has a vintage look to it as well, with everything spelled out in the description below.  “Hand crafted in small batches”, with nicotine level spelled out (including milligrams).  The left side of the label features the full description I mentioned above, including ingredients (which it can list as being organic on the ingredients…but the product itself cannot).  Additional warnings, website, customer care line, and email address finish off the left side.  The right side explains the censored on the label, along with the nicotine warning and 100%VG logo.

Flavor: If you read the flavor description above, you are probably reluctant to even take a look at this.  I am going to try and explain in great detail why those three flavor profiles, and we will start with the white chocolate custard.  Chocolate itself is a very aromatic flavor, with white chocolate being a slightly smoother finish than most other chocolate flavors.  The custard adds a depth of flavor to what would normally be high notes in the aforementioned item.  Ginger itself is used to open up the taste buds but by itself is normally too salty or too tangy.  Enter candied ginger, which achieves the same idea but with a sweeter finish.  Cap everything off with lemon zest, which is used subtly to add a little flavor kick similar to cooking.  The result is close to a fine swiss chocolate.  With just the right balance of all of these flavors, this is probably one of the finest chocolate vapes I have tried yet.

Cloud Production: 100% VG.  That’s not quite the same as saying “Max VG” but it’s saying that no additional PG was added to the mix.  The flavors mentioned above do quite a number on the coils pretty quickly, but the cloud production maintains pretty well throughout.  Full volume, maintains form, and doesn’t disappear too quickly either.

Bottle Size: 32ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Check out this and the other St. Augustine Censored products at svapors.com.  There you will also find other products from Spectrum Vapors as well.

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