Juice Review: Mason’s Brew from Conspiracy Liquids

To finish off the more savory flavor profiles from Conspiracy Liquids, I thought I would share a little something called “Mason’s Brew”.

“Masons Brew – This flavor is reserved for those seeking tasty enlightment. Dive into this rich coconut cashew nut butter and discover sweet and savory notes. Pink Himalayan salt tops it all off and has your mouth watering for more.”

Packaging:  As with the other Conspiracy Liquids flavors, this one has an old world style logo against a black background.  Nicotine level is listed at the top with “Mason’s Brew” and flavor profile listed along the bottom.  Left side of the label shows batch number, best by date, and nicotine warning in big bold letters.  Right side lists warnings and ingredients.

Flavor: Let’s break down the flavor listing for just a second.  Coconut, cashew nut butter, and pink Himalayan salt.  First off the coconut doesn’t come across smelling like a bottle of suntan lotion.  It is a subtle wash of flavor over the bottle, bringing out a little sweetness and smoothing out the rest.  The cashew nut butter is not as acidic as a peanut butter but still provides just as good inhale/exhale combination.  The Himalayan salt acts like a catalyst in cooking to bring out the other flavors, but doesn’t make the juice taste too salty.  Well crafted, I would say an all-day-vape for me.

Cloud Production: If you didn’t look,  you would have missed it.  The ingredients list this as a 80VG/20PG ratio and it has the clouds to boot.  It’s not too harsh on the cotton and coils, so consistency maintains throughout.  The clouds themselves were full volume and lingered quite nicely.

Bottle Size: 60ml Chubby Gorilla

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


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