Hardware Review: Juicy Wix from Texas Tuff

Not all cotton is made the same.  If you ask someone what type of cotton they prefer, a lot of people are very brand specific with what they choose.  Often times this is the larger companies like Cotton Bacon or Native Wick.  But like I said earlier, not all cotton is made the same…

Texas Tuff created a little something called Juicy Wix, which is listed as a “high heat resistance, fast absorbing, and long lasting” cotton.  The package is clearly defined as a green glowing circle against the black packaging material.  Each one comes in a little ziplock bag.

The part that sets this apart from the other “flavors” available is that this has a fair amount less cotton than the other bags, but there’s a reason for that.  With this being a fast absorbing cotton, you really don’t need that much.  This is a super soft cotton that is perfect for tanks/RDTA.  It works just as well with drippers, but I would recommend one of the other Texas Tuff products for that (we’ll get into those soon).

What I did to save on cotton was to take one strip and split it into two.  With the exception of my RDTA box, this gave just the right amount for the lead ends on my tank.  I didn’t have to prime nearly as long to get my atomizer juiced up either.

The only chief complaint I have about the product is this.  If you are not well versed in how much cotton you need for your device, there’s a chance you could end up wasting a lot.  With such a small amount in the bag, you might end up needing more than one packet.  This was where I found the usage for tanks and RDTAs, as that made this bag last a whole lot longer.

Check out the link to the Texas Tuff ebay page, where you can purchase this or any other brands available in their store.  Tell them CoffeeFuel sent you!

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