Juice Review: FRZN APPLE from BLVK Unicorn

About two weeks ago, I got incredibly sick.  Allergies and sinus infection started turning into something much much worse.  Like a lot of vapers, I wanted to lean onto something with a little menthol to soothe my cough and help me to relax.  Oddly enough, this is what I leaned on.

Here is what the website lists for the flavor:

“A Frozen Apple a day will keep your worries away as the taste of crisp red and green apples collide with a menthol breeze to completely satisfy your senses.”

Packaging: As with the other BLVK flavors we have checked out, this has the flavor listed with a little black unicorn at the bottom (above the company logo).  This time, the unicorn has a bluish green mane against a light blue backwash of color.  The cap has a sky blue tone, which helps when trying to find this flavor specifically among a small grouping of chubby gorilla bottles.  The back left side has all your expected warnings while the right side lists ingredients, batch, bottle size and nic strength.

Flavor: Let me start off by saying this is a straight up menthol flavor.  This is not one where they tell you it’s “cooling” and it ends up being a koolada flavoring.  No, this is full on menthol but with a little something extra.  As with another popular BLVK flavor, this relies heavily on the fleshy flavor of apple.  There isn’t a debate on if this is a fuji or macintosh apple, it’s just solid apple that’s not too sweet or not too tart.  The combination with menthol gives the impression of a sliced apple fresh from the refrigerator.  A nice little treat for the coming summer days.

Cloud Production: This 70VG/30PG bottle has a pretty consistent cloud production that doesn’t disappoint.  Cotton coloring occurs a little bit, but all in all your coils stay pretty well in tact.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Check out the BLVK website for this and other flavors featured.  I will talk about some of the other flavors in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that!


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