Juice Review: Cactus Jango from VanGo Vapes

It’s interesting to see juices outside of this country, especially Canadian juice.  I started seeing several companies following me and liking my photos on Instagram, and they were all under the “VanGo Vapes” banner.  One of the more interesting ones is called Cactus Jango”

“A throwback to our Cactus Jango from our classic line, we played with the flavours and made an even better flavour! It is a tropical medley of jackfruit and mango with hints of lychee, strawberry and cactus fruit.

Its unique flavour will keep customers coming back for more, and many VanGo fans will already know what to expect! It’s a win-win!”

Packaging: The front of this bottle features the logo for Cactus Jango, which involves a more orange glow on “Jango” with a little flower on top.  The back of the bottle has brief instructions on opening and closing, along with a “Keep Out of Reach of Children.”  Ingredients and batch number finish out the details (which this lists as being good for up to 2 years after batch date).  What further solidifies this being a Canadian juice is there is no Prop 65 warning and everything is translated to French just to the left.

Flavor: This is a more subtle flavor explosion than most fruit flavor combinations I have tried.  The jackfruit and mango inhale gives a very sweet punch right from the get-go.  Where the flavor would normally twist into a sweetened tangerine type finish, it instead has a fresh strawberry finish.  During the course of the vape, I couldn’t help but notice a very slight wash underneath, almost like cactus water.

I am not normally a fan of fruit combinations like this, but the flavor was so smooth that I couldn’t notice that I was dripping a 6mg…

Cloud Production: This was pretty clean on my cotton, which is about what I expected.  This relies on the natural flavors instead of adding in a ton of sweetener.  The cloud form was heavier volume than I initially thought, though.  This has the consistency of about a 70VG/30PG

Bottle Size: 60ml and 120ml chubby gorilla

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

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