Confidential Files: BDO v2.09

So as much as I tried to keep the anonymity on this, this is yet another flavor in process from Broke Dick.  They kind of let the cat out of the bag with posting the previous article on their Facebook page.  With the way these guys are listening to their fans, I can’t help but give a shoutout to these guys for getting the community involved in deciding how they want their juice to end up.

As with the last article, here is the question list they provided.  More constructive criticism, but these guys are definitely onto something…

What’s Your SetUp? HexOhm v3 with a Geo RDA on top.  5.5 wraps of 24 gauge, ohming out to around 0.26ohms.

Taste – I noticed right away the bolder taste of the tobacco.  Most other “tobacco” vapes have more of a brown sugar/molasses flavor and call it a tobacco.  This is much closer to a true tobacco flavor.  This has the tangy throat hit you would expect from a finer tobacco without all the extra gunk (thank you vaping!!).  The vanilla build on the inhale to the caramel exhale is so smooth when melded with the tobacco vape.  I personally feel that this is a step in the right direction.

Aroma – This has a much smoother vanilla aroma than the previous version.  The tobacco gives a whole new lift to the aroma that seemed overly sweetened before.

Finish – The finish is an awesome combination of the sweet caramel and the tangy tobacco.  Again, very smooth transition from the inhale to the exhale.

Cloud – Cloud production is denser and fuller than before.  I am super impressed with this blend!

How can we improve the flavor? – There does seem to be something missing that could help bring out the flavors even better.  Perhaps something with a saltier flavor profile (much like a spice in cooking) could help to make the vanilla and caramel pop.  Maybe a very light touch of peanut butter or coffee?  Call me crazy, but…

In all honesty, if this was available right now I would purchase it as is.  I am excited to see what comes with the next version.  Click the banner below and check out the other awesome products at Broke Dick.  Overdraft is almost there, and it will surely add to an already impressive array of flavors!



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