Juice Review: Catalyst from Mcdonald Vapor Co

It’s an eyecatcher to find a bottle like this in vape mail.  I have seen a couple pictures on Instagram for this company, and was intrigued by the packaging.  If nothing else, it inspires me to quote Shakespeare.

Here is the flavor profile for Catalyst from Mcdonald Vapor Co: “Fried Blueberry Ice Cream”

Packaging: So yes, if you couldn’t tell before, this is a small black skull bottle.  There is absolutely no transparency on this bottle, so you’ll just have to run it as far as you can.  The tag around the neck of the dropper has a plastic connector, making it a little difficult to remove should it get in the way.  The tag reveals nicotine strength, flavor profile (which is listed as just Fried Ice Cream).  There is also a sticker around the dropper that lists warnings, ingredients, and poison control number.

What makes this awkward is trying to manage the bottle while holding your mod.  With something like this, it is preferred to have a table to set the bottle on.  Otherwise, you might be at great risk of dropping your mod or this bottle.

Flavor: The flavor profile says this is a fried blueberry ice cream, so let’s start with the fried ice cream part.  Typically there is a crust or a glaze on the tail end of the fried flavor, but this instead gets quickly overturned by the blueberry flavor.  Is it a bad vape?  No, I actually thought it was quite tasty.  But I did wish the blueberry didn’t bust down the doors so quickly.  I like my ice cream…

Cloud Production: 70VG consistency.  While this does pack quite a flavor, it will destroy your cotton in the process.  It’s part of the territory on flavor profiles like this.  Cloud production maintained pretty solid consistency, though.

Bottle Size: 35ml skull bottle (black)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg


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