Juice Review: Cash Advance from Broke Dick

Over the course of the past couple of months, I have found out about this company.  I was intrigued at the thought of there being a company with this kind of deal but with supposedly incredible juice.  But then I purchased the juice and you guys have seen my reaction in previous articles (hint: you can search in the bar above for “Broke Dick” and see the other articles I have written thus far.

I have a slight obsession with key lime flavors right now.  With the warmer summer months ahead, I like to find something with flavor that makes my vape experience a little more interesting.  The version of Cash Advance that I am getting ready to write on is essentially version 1…

Here is the flavor profile from the website:

“Now we knew we were up against a true OG Key lime pie, one that had been distilled down to its most essential parts: Graham cracker crust, a luscious custard, a balanced combination of sweet & sour flavors, and a creamy cool whipped topping. So we upped our game, making little tweaks to each of these components. It turns out even the most perfect recipe can be improved”

Packaging: The non-assuming label continues with this one.  Same yellow label, same confused/disgruntled character.  Warnings on the left side, ingredients and flavor listing on the right.

Flavor:  (And again, remember this is version 1).  The inhale delivers a slightly buttery crust with a hint of custard that quickly switches to a key lime flavor.  The exhale continues this custard/key lime flavor but with a hint of koolada on the tail end that gives a cooling sensation.  In essence, this delivers the closest to a slice of cool key lime pie straight out of the icebox.  The delivery may not be perfect, but for the price it’s pretty damn reasonable.

During this early version, people complained a lot about the nicotine.  I actually let my bottle steep for about a month before giving it a whirl, and the flavors did seem to meld together quite nicely.  I think with the new nicotine now added, that steep time can be reduced dramatically.

Cloud Production: This gives a pretty solid 70VG/30PG cloud experience, although the consistency of the juice is somewhat more fluid.  Cotton gunking wasn’t too extreme but still managed to last a lot longer than expected.

Bottle Size: 120ml jumbo unicorn (the bottle does not come with a dropper, so you will have to either provide your own or pay extra to have it added in.)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Click the banner below to give Broke Dick a try.  This is a solid BOGO deal, and more is to be added to the website very soon!



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