Juice Review: The Kennedy from Conspiracy Liquids

As a vaper, when you hear Kennedy, you think of two things.  One being JFK, and the other being one of the best RDAs on the market today.  The name Kennedy, though, is synonymous with strong quality all throughout.  So that’s why I decided to start with this on the main line from Conspiracy Liquids.

“The Kennedy –  “So my vapers, ask not what your vape can do for you, ask what you can do for your vape.” This vanilla sugar cookie with caramel drizzle and crushed pistachio topping is fit for you and a presidential leader. 

The Kennedy, a Conspiracy favorite has been tweaked and reformulated to make our customers even more satisfied.”

Packaging: 60ml chubby unicorn.  The front of the bottle shows the Conspiracy Liquids logo with nicotine strength at the top, bottle size and flavor profile at the bottom.  Left side of the label shows batch number, best of date, and “WARNING: This product contains nicotine” in big bold letters.  Right side of the label shows Prop 65 and other warnings, and ingredients list.

Flavor: Let’s start with the basic core of the vanilla sugar cookie.  Take out the vanilla and stick with the sugar cookie.  Vanilla is used as a spice and not as a central flavor, so it’s not noticeable at the forefront.  The sugar cookie base stays throughout the vape, with the pistachio saltiness adding more spice to the inhale.  The adds to the sweet caramel exhale that coasts through to the end.  In all honesty, this is would be one of my top all-day-vape flavors by far!

Cloud Production: 80VG/20PG.  This relies on flavor and not added sweetener to boost the vape experience.  The cotton stays very clean throughout on this, and it shows in the overall cloud production.  Very impressive volume and consistency of cloud production!

Bottle Size:  60ml chubby gorilla bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


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