Juice Review: Big Tobacco from Conspiracy Liquids

Tobacco vapes are hit or miss.  The age old question for someone who is making the switch from cigarettes is whether or not to start on a tobacco vape.  Some prefer it to replace the taste for something cleaner without all the extra killer crap you’d find in a cigarette.  Others would steer clear of it because it reminded them too much of a cigarette.  While there have been a few that closely resembled types of tobacco, nothing has tasted to me like a cigarette (thankfully).

Big Tobacco from Conspiracy Liquids takes the tobacco vape experience to a whole new level.

Big Tobacco – Get lost in controversy with Conspiracy Liquids new flavor Big Tobacco. This tobacco vape has layers of toffee and maple cream. It will surely become your next all day vape. 

Packaging: The front of the bottle has a gray background with (from top to bottom) the company name “Conspiracy” with their logo with brown and green highlights.  “Big Tobacco” flavor name, flavor profile (thank you!!), bottle size, and nic strength.  The left side has in big bold letters”WARNING: This product contains nicotine” along with batch number and “Best by” date.  The right side contains all other relevant warnings, including Prop 65, and ingredients.

Flavor: I can’t say I have seen very many toffee flavored vapes, much less many with maple.  The layers of flavor definitely remind me of a finer pipe tobacco.  Toffee has the sweetness of a caramel but with a unique touch that has to be tried to be believed.  When combined with the maple and cream, this actually comes across to me as more of a cherry vanilla pipe tobacco.  I would have to agree, though, this is very strongly “all-day-vape” worthy.

Cloud Production: The ingredient section lists 80VG/20PG (if you didn’t look for it, you might miss it…which is apparently what I almost did).  Cloud production is on point, although they don’t linger quite as long as some may prefer.  I think the more impressive part to me is that with such a rich flavor, my cotton stayed VERY clean.  Thankfully more companies are starting to pay attention to this, but these guys especially made a super clean vape without sacrificing flavor.  Well done!

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


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