Confidential Files #1: BDO v1.97


I thought I would bring you guys along on a flavor I am taste testing.  I won’t give you name of the company, but here are my notes….

  1. What’s your setup?  Tank/Coils/Watts? HexOhm V3 with a Mutation X V3.  Clapton coils at 0.22ohms, around 70 watts.
  2. Taste – The inhale has a short burst of caramel flavor, but the vanilla resembles vanilla bean.  That sweet punch, though, is replaced with the tobacco hints.
  3. Aroma – Pretty pleasant, although it reminds me greatly of a vanilla custard
  4. Finish – The caramel finish seems to disappear pretty quickly.  I was kind of wishing for a little more..
  5. Cloud – Cloud production is decent but I know you guys are capable of more.
  6. How do you think we can improve the flavor?  Your opinion, more or less of anything? I realize you guys are following what your fans say, but I feel this needs a slightly stronger tobacco flavor to balance out the other two.  I can barely tell the caramel, and the vanilla has an awkward aftertaste.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. mike says:

    Add more of the tobacco teast and it will balance out the others.!!!

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    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      That’s what I’m saying


  2. Mayo denaro says:

    I’d love to test the new version of overdraft


  3. Julie Nix says:

    I have 3 juices from Broke Dick and love them! Would love to try another and give a review about it on Instagram and maybe YouTube!

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    1. CoffeeFuel says:

      I have tried three as well. Have you checked out the other reviews i posted?


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