Juice Review: Bunny Season from The Suicide Bunny

I walked into my hotel room in Dallas, unknowing of what was about to await me.  Among the various Suicide Bunny swag was this little bottle.  When I say little, I mean 120ml huge bottle of goodness…

When I got a chance to spend the weekend with Pip and the Suicide Bunny crew, I was unexpected of the juice I was going to receive.  Sure, I was familiar with the three main lines and had heard about the “new” releases post August 8th.  However, I hadn’t had a chance to track it down for immediate gratification.

Here is what the website lists as the flavor:

“Spring is in the air!  Inspired by sunshine and a trip to Grandma’s house.  We present the newest limited release from Suicide Bunny.  Bunny Season will have you singing as you enjoy a beautifully layered vape of sweet key limes wrapped in rich creams and crisp graham crackers.”

Packaging: The front of the bottle is Marilyn Monroe with a bandito type scarf covering the bottom half of the face.  She is holding two pistols in an X-formation, very much a throwback to The O.B.  The difference with this, though, is the bright colors in the background to make the picture more vibrant, with a Limited Edition banner across the bottom of the picture.  Left side of the bottle lists the Prop 65 warning along with ingredients and the website for Triton Distribution.  The right side lists the “Do Not” warnings, nicotine level, and in a bold banner type fashion the words “BUNNY SEASON”

Flavor: There are a few schools of thought when it comes to Key Lime flavors.  Some may think of a key lime pie, with the green gelatinous consistency over a store bought graham cracker crust.  This one delivers more of a key lime cheesecake variety, though.  The inhale delivers a key lime flavor that’s not too tart or too sweet, mixed with a sweet cream and a mild hint of a cheesecake aftertaste.  The cheesecake takes over and mixes with a rich graham cracker crust on the exhale.  Key limes are there as an after thought, not as the primary flavor.  Ironically, a coworker brought in something very similar to this the day I started vaping it and the taste was identical.  Quite honestly, this will be in very heavy rotation for me…

Cloud Production: PG/VG ratio is something that typically isn’t disclosed with most of the Suicide Bunny products I have tried.  This gives the cloud production of a 70VG/30PG but burns off liquid a little quicker than that (or maybe I’m just that hung up on the flavor).  Cotton maintained consistency throughout the 45mls I have gone through so far in this 120ml.  The clouds themselves have a full volume but don’t linger around for very long.  Definitely more of a flavor chaser juice than cloud chaser.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Head over to The Suicide Bunny Shop, pick up a bottle, and tell them CoffeeFuel sent you.  🙂  If you want a flavorful key lime flavor with some variety, this one is definitely for you!


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