Juice Review: The 1st from Broke Dick

So the last flavor I tried was pretty impressive, without even taking into accountability the price.  I decided to take it upon myself to make a purchase and see what else Broke Dick had to offer.

First, let’s start with…the 1st (see what I did there…??)

“Fresh strawberries and rich vanilla custard come together in a magical mix of berries and cream, topped with COOOL whip. Get it before uncle Sal steals the last crate.”

Presentation: The standard packaging still applies to this as it does with every other flavor.  The yellow label features a youthful looking Uncle Moneybanks with a snapback, muscle t-shirt, and cargo shorts with obvious empty pockets sticking out.  The right side of the label features a very quick three word summary of the flavor “Strawberries and Cream” with ingredients and a nice little declaration that this is made in the good ol’ US of A.  The left side features a barcode and the standard warnings associated with most vaping products.  The only difference between all flavors is the banner on the bottom of the front, which in this case simply states “The 1st”

Flavor: Before I get too far into this, I want you guys to know that the guys at Broke Dick mentioned today that they have heard the complaints from people about harsh nicotine.  Their newer shipments will now contain a much smoother nicotine.  Despite the marketing campaign, these guys obviously care about their customers…

Moving on…

The flavor hit me with a quick burst of coolness with a combination of lip tingling.  I wasn’t sure how much of this was my allergy to ripe strawberries or the “COOOL” whip they mentioned in the profile.  To me, this gave the cooling inhale of a frozen strawberry mixed with that whipped cream flavor.  I could taste actual chunks of frozen strawberry that blended together on the exhale to create a real strawberry ice cream flavor.  I didn’t get as much of the custard flavor (which might be affected by the nicotine, just an FYI).  The crazy part to me is that the strawberry ice cream continued to give the impression of real bits of strawberry even on the lingering aftertaste.  It’s not terrible, but definitely not what I expected.

Cloud Production: This has every indication of a 70VG/30PG blend, but I would highly recommend steeping when you receive it for at least a day.  The consistency came across pretty runny at first, so I did need to let it settle after the quick USPS journey.  I ran this through a RDTA, to which it took very well.  Quick absorption into the cotton, and not terrible on the gunking either.  In fact, my cotton maintained pretty well throughout the day.  Obviously if you run at ridiculously higher wattage, though, your results may vary.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 120ml (BOGO on every flavor, and the bottles do not come with screw caps.  Please be sure to save an extra screw cap or unicorns if you do decide to purchase.)

Click the graphic above and get yours for $22 with an awesome BOGO deal.


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