Juice Review: Blue Mash from Michigan Moonshine

I am often finding myself searching for unusual flavors to try. Unusual may not be the correct word to use, but more of a “unique” flavor blend. So when I saw Michigan Moonshine come out with something like Blue Mash, I had to try it.

Blue Mash is kind of an ambiguous name, as the flavors in the Michigan Moonshine line are named after famous mixed drinks.  While I am not aware of one specifically called “Blue Mash“, there are some drinks that this could be a nickname for (such as Blue Motorcycle, Blue Bombsicle, Sex in the Driveway, or Papa Smurf).  The flavor sounds a little more like a twist on the Blue Bombsicle.

The website lists the flavor as such:  “Blue raspberry swirled cheesecake, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!”

Packaging: In what could potentially be one of the cleanest labels I have ever seen, this one starts out with a non-obtrusive black label with “Blue Mash” in a seafoam green color.  Below that is the flavor description along with PG/VG ratio, nic strength, and bottle size.  The left side of the label is blank but the right side lists all relevant warnings (Prop 65, keep out of reach of children) in very clear print.

Flavor:  Let me start by saying I have never tried an actual “blue raspberry” cheesecake.  I have tried other types of fruits that could meld together to create a blue-raspberry type blend on the pallet, but nothing to directly compare this to.  Regardless, the fruit flavor on the inhale gives an even and flavorful punch, while the cheesecake exhale rides that fruit flavor train as far as it can go.  The fruit helps to keep the cheesecake from being too pungent, and the cheesecake keeps the fruit from being too sweet.  The entire bottle was a very solid dance between two contrasting flavor profiles…

Cloud production:…and just like with the D-Zerts flavors, this has no added sweetener.  So the flavor maintained the full distance with no coil or cotton gunking.  At 80VG/20PG, the cloud production was just as solid as you could expect.  If the high VG isn’t your speed, there is also a 50/50 blend available to fill your tank needs.  Very impressive!

Bottle size: 30ml unicorn, 60 and 120ml glass bottles

Nicotine strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg


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  1. Tom says:

    Love the Blue Mash!

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