Juice Review: Deported from Drip the Wall


At first when I saw Drip The Wall, I thought this was a joke.  I thought the juice itself would have been sub-par with a gimmick to get people to purchase that would either succeed quickly or flop even quicker.

Boy was I wrong…

The website has probably the most open ended description of “Strawberry fruit combo”.  Okay, so we can knock one flavor off our list…

Packaging: Imagine this.  A brick wall with barbed wire, President Donald Trump standing vigilant over top while busting open his blue shirt/red tie a la Superman to reveal an American flag.  On the bottom of the wall is two hispanics with sombreros, one of which lists “Deported” across the brim.  Yeah, that’s the logo on the front.

Left side of the label lists Prop 65, including a poison control 800 number.  Ingredients and “Not to be sold to minors” finish out the left side of the label.  The right side simply lists the nicotine strength and bottle size.

Flavor: So we start off with the strawberry.  A combination of candy and fresh with a hint of ripe, this gives a solid burst of strawberry from the minute you open the bottle.  The undertones of the juice give the impression of dragonfruit, possibly some apple or a sweeter fruit juice to spread the flavor across the coils.  Ultimately, it’s a strawberry-esque fruit punch that’s unlike anything I have vaped before.  Quite the impressive array.

Despite the obvious packaging faux pas, this is actually some very solid juice from the flavor aspect.

Cloud Production: And honestly, the clouds are worth it too.  This gives a 70VG/30PG consistency, and thankfully the flavor doesn’t seem to have any added sweetener.  The burst of flavor is just that, and the cotton is proof.  Granted, the cotton doesn’t stay super clean the whole time, but it actually maintained pretty well during most of the vape.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

If you guys head over to Drip the Wall, you might be able to get one of the red “Make America Great Again” hats.  Or if not, you can at least get a pretty solid juice with the peace of mind that no immigrants were harmed in the making of this juice (or this article…)



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  1. Amber justus says:

    I agree juice is good. My cotten stayed pretty cleaf after 30 mls vaped.

    Liked by 1 person

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