Juice Review: RVO from Detroit Rock Candy

My wife and I get into heated discussions quite a bit when it comes to Red Velvet cake.  She can’t stand it, but I love it.  I always picture a super sweet velvety flavor with just a touch of richness that you don’t find with any other cake.  So when I found out Detroit Rock Candy decided to combine an Oreo cookie with red velvet cake, I had to try it.

Packaging: This starts out with a very unassuming label, with dark red borders against a white background.  Simply the letters “RVO” are centered in big and red.  Left side of the bottle has all of your warnings, PG/VG ratio in small print at the bottom, and ingredients.  The right side lists the flavor profile, nicotine strength, and 18+ logo in big bold print.

Flavor: I don’t know about you, but I have a very specific picture in my mind of what red velvet should taste like.  I imagine rich, sweet flavors that meld into whatever else is used as the icing.  So when I started vaping this, I got a rich buttery taste that took a while to fit into my RDA.  Once this soaked into the cotton, I started to find that rich, sweet flavor (and could even detect a little bit of that Oreo creme in the middle of the exhale.

I asked myself the question on if this really truly is what red velvet tastes like.  Sure enough, a co-worker brought some red velvet cupcakes one day to work, and I tasted everything the exact same as the RVO juice.  So yes, this is absolutely spot on red velvet flavor!

Cloud Production: 80VG/20PG ratio.  This has some very solid clouds that tend to stick around.  The cotton gunking, however, is a huge factor if you like to preserve your wick.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


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  1. Linas Savickas says:

    Definitely agree with all of the flavor points. I absolutely love it. Which is your favorite out of the DRC Oreo flavors? Instagram handle: linassavickas

    I ❤ DRC

    Liked by 1 person

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