Juice Review: UniCake from BLVK Unicorn

“A delicious crumble cake baked to perfection and blended with a fresh handful of blueberries guaranteed to make those mouths water with envy!”

Back a few years ago, my wife worked at a co-op grocery store that regularly featured fresh, unique bakery delights.  One of my favorites on a Sunday morning were blueberry scones.  Despite a poor attempt on my part to recreate it, I wasn’t able to find that flavor since they quit carrying these tasty delights…

….until now.

BLVK Unicorn brings something special in Uni-Cake, a much lighter flavor than most other blueberry crumble flavors, resembling an old fashioned blueberry scone.  Check it out!

Packaging: White gorilla unicorn bottles, this has everything to represent clean production and clean packaging.  The unicorn has a slightly more silver mane on this bottle.  Left side of the label contains all necessary warnings about consumption, nicotine, etc.  The right side features lot code information, ingredients, and the like.

Flavor: I wasn’t sure when I tried the bottle what to expect.  The blueberry didn’t come across as super sweet, which was a nice change.  The crumble cake wasn’t too overwhelming either.  The inhale gave a slight powdered sugar cake flavor, while the exhale exploded with blueberries and continued to give a slight tang on the taste buds.  This was one that didn’t seem to consume my taste buds too much, and maintained flavor pretty consistently through the entire bottle.

Cloud Production: Thankfully that break from the sugar saved the cotton quite a bit.  This 70VG/30PG blend kept the cotton fairly clean through the entire bottle, with no desire on my part to change the cotton to save flavor.  This took surprisingly well to my RDTA, which seems to be the perfect home for this.  Cloud production was pretty full from beginning to end, and maintained shape and structure throughout.  No wimpy clouds on this one!

Bottle Size: 60ml gorilla unicorn bottle.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Click the link here and make a purchase within 15 days to receive 15% off your order!


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