Juice Review: Cappuccino from D-Zerts

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to meet the awesome people from e-cigoutlet.net, a company from out in Michigan.  They have quite a few incredible flavors in their Great Lakes line, Smoothie Monster, and this one called D-Zerts.

This cappuccino flavor is described like this:

“A caramel butterscotch cappuccino with a hint of pistachio.”

Packaging: The front of the bottle doesn’t get much clearer than this.  A light brown two-tone label that lists “D-Zerts Cappuccino” with a cup of coffee on the front.  PG/VG ratio, nic strength, bottle size complete the front of the bottle.  Right side of the bottle lists all relevant warnings, including the Prop 65.  Left side of the bottle is blank.

Flavor: Caramel butterscotch and pistachio….hmm….I don’t taste this.  The butterscotch gives a flavorful aroma but doesn’t really seem to erupt in flavor.  Caramel blends everything together, and the pistachio adds just enough of a salty sweetness to blend everything together.  In the end, this comes across as a chocolate blend with a mild coffee finish.  This has everything I have ever wanted in a “coffee” flavor without the burning aftertaste normally associated with this profile.

Cloud Production: and yet, with this sweet, rich blend….my cotton stayed clean.  I’m dead serious, during the entire use of this 60ml bottle in my RDTA box, I did not have to change my cotton one time.  To me, that is the most shocking part about this.  Clouds were pretty solid, especially for a 80VG/20PG blend.  But without the addition of any sweeteners, this kept the tune going from beginning to end.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml


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