Juice Review: UNI-NUTS from BLVK Unicorn

The event was ECC, and I spent the course of three days hanging out with good friends and making new ones.  I will admit that when I saw the BLVK banner, I had them mistaken for BLAQ.  Then I went over to check out the booth…

BLVK is one of the few companies who started out using thick gorilla unicorn bottles for their product from the get-go.  No cartons with unicorns inside, just a full 60ml gorilla style unicorn bottle.  After checking them out at the show, I had to come back to tell you guys about what I found.  The first of which is this one, called Uni-Nuts.

“Prepare to go nuts over this vanilla bean ice cream treat topped with hazelnut and almonds!”

Packaging: As I said before, clear 60ml gorilla unicorn bottle.  The cap is super secure and doesn’t give any indication of twisting off or leaking liquid.  The label itself is white with a very simplistic unicorn and logo design.  The unicorn and name of the flavor highlight a golden trim that sets this flavor apart from the others in the line. The backside gives all information you could ever want on the bottle.  Ingredients, warnings, manufacturing location, possibly even lot code info.  A sleek design that is easily recognizable.

Flavor: Yeah, but what about the flavor?  The initial smell from the bottle gave off the impression of a marshmallow start.  Once I hit the fire button, though, the flavor opened up.  A creamy vanilla bean base, where you can actually taste the vanilla bean.  The hazelnut carries through a majority of the inhale, but nutty almond starts to take over at the peak of the inhale.  Exhale is nothing but vanilla ice cream with almond on top.  Not too heavy on either flavor, but just the right amount of consistency to not give vapor’s tongue.

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG, this has all the makings of your average vape experience.  However, I tried this on a couple different approaches.  The bottle made it difficult to use in my TFV-8.  I tried this on a dripper and got some pretty decent cloud production.  I think the best way to use this, though, is in a RDTA.  This allowed me to use a bigger build with better airflow and still had the consistency to flow perfectly like a tank would.  In fact, the bigger build was much needed to really bring these unique flavors out.  I didn’t get a heavy amount of coil gunking on my RDTA either.  Honestly, I used the same cotton for the whole 60ml bottle and probably could have continued to use it to transfer to the next flavor if I wanted to.

Bottle Size: 60ml gorilla unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Click the link here and make a purchase within 15 days to receive 15% off your order!




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