Month: April 2017

Juice Review: Cake from D-Zerts

Lemon is an automatic “no” for a lot of people when it comes to vaping.  Whether it’s a Fruit Loops flavor with a oddly tart finish or something that uses lemon to it’s fullest advantage, a lot of people tend to frown upon it.  So understandably, you can […]

Juice Review: UniCake from BLVK Unicorn

“A delicious crumble cake baked to perfection and blended with a fresh handful of blueberries guaranteed to make those mouths water with envy!” Back a few years ago, my wife worked at a co-op grocery store that regularly featured fresh, unique bakery delights.  One of my favorites on […]

Juice Review: Cappuccino from D-Zerts

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to meet the awesome people from, a company from out in Michigan.  They have quite a few incredible flavors in their Great Lakes line, Smoothie Monster, and this one called D-Zerts. This cappuccino flavor is described like this: “A […]