Hardware Review: Atty Cubed from Wotofo

In an effort to challenge myself and to add fresh content to the site, I thought I would try my hand at writing about hardware.  If you like what you see, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Wotofo has created something very eye-catching in the Atty Cubed.  Designed to be just as much of a flavor chaser as a cloud chaser, this takes the simple design of a RDA and turns the vaping world on its head by creating a visual unlike any other.

A design of a cube.

Specifications/What’s in the Box?: The box itself is rather small, reiterating the design of a cube even before you open the package.  The top layer includes the stainless steel RDA with no add-ons attached.  Pull the cord and you will find underneath the following:

  • 1x Chuff Top Cap
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip converter
  • 1x Little Blue Screwdriver
  • 3x Screws
  • 3x Seal rings

Measurements/Function: 29mm length, 22mm width, 22mm height.  This has a total of four airholes, two on parallel sides.  The holes themselves are more slits, providing larger airflow for you cloudchasers.  The dual staggered airflow is adjustable via the interior ring.  You can close off one hole on either side, close off one side entirely, or run this puppy wide open if you so choose.  The interior ring was a little difficult to move once I found this option but ever since it has given a snug enough resistance to not budge while working the device.

If you use the chuff top cap, you can always drip straight through the top hole.  I prefer to take the cap off and check my cotton that way because…well…that’s just my preference.  The O-rings aren’t too tight and the weight of the top shell gives enough weight to not have to worry about this cube flying off your mod.

The interior deck is a 4 post design with a deep 6mm juice well.  The screws have not given me any fits with backing out or stripping, and I have been using this for at least six months so far.  The 2mm holes for your wire provide enough of a gap to go with simple builds all the way to crazy parallel/fused designs using 24 gauge wire if you choose to go this route.  I would recommend double checking your build space, as larger coils have the tendency to come very close to touching the interior airflow ring.  This also has an adjustable 510 pin connection.

Cons: The paint flakes off of the outside rather easily.  I like to think of it like adding “character” to the RDA but sometimes it can be a bit of an eyesore after too long.  Juice does tend to collect at the bottom pretty well, but if you drip via the top airhole, you shouldn’t have to deal with this issue too much.  The chuff cap that comes with this is relatively sturdy, although it did chip on me yesterday after a fall from a very small height.

Final Thoughts: This has a wide array of colors to fit every mod you can find.  I chose the Lime Green and matched a Joker wrap to my Alien mod.  The geometric design fit quite nicely with my Alien.  The side airflow maintains solid flavor and cloud production without any major leaking.  The deep juice well and 22mm diameter build deck provides enough space to run whatever I could possibly want without much fuss.

This is, by far, one of my favorite RDAs thus far.  Aside from a few minor aesthetics, I would have to rate this a 4.5 out of 5.


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