Juice Review: Blueberry Waffle Sandwich from Detroit Rock Candy

I like to get creative with my food from time to time, but one thing I have never done is a “waffle sandwich”.  The idea sounds incredible…maybe even a bit fun.  But to base my comparison on this juice to a “waffle sandwich” is near impossible.

Detroit Rock Candy created a unique flavor profile in a gorgeous bottle.  Here is what the website lists as the flavor:

“Ripe and perfectly sweet blueberries and vanilla ice cream stuffed between giant belgian waffles.”

Packaging: There is absolutely no mistaking the flavor, based on the picture on the front.  Two waffles, a small pile of blueberries and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in the background.  The lettering and colors remind me of a family style restaurant advertisement, giving a comfort of home to the bottle from the get-go.  Left side of the label covers all the bases with nicotine dangers, Prop 65, ISO-6 lab, etc.  The right side of the label features the nicotine selection, 18+, and a text based version of the flavor profile.

Flavor: As soon as I opened the bottle, I get a whiff of a creamy, tangy blueberry.  It’s rich and very sweet smelling.  The taste is much more complex.  There is a definite waffle base that gives a solid depth to this juice.  On top is a rich blueberry on the inhale with a vanilla bean finish on the exhale.  There is no shortage of flavor in this bottle!!

Cloud Production:…which impresses me that this is a 80VG/20PG blend.  The flavor profiles and (possibly) added sweetener gunks up the cotton and coils pretty quickly.  I did have to change my cotton a couple of times on this, but I found the overall package was well worth it!  Actual vapor production gave a very nice added bonus to the entire package.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Head over to detroitrockcandy.com and order yourself a bottle.  Incredible customer service and a solid selection of juice that you can’t go wrong with!


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  1. Sarah says:

    v._goddess_ovcrew – I ❤️ DRC

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  2. DANL says:

    I ❤ DRC

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  3. Doug says:

    Edashfresh I ❤ DRC

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  4. Arturas says:

    @arturascap I ❤ DRC

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  5. Lori Slusarek says:

    I ❤ DRC

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