Juice Review: Apricot from Marmalade E-Liquids

I have never tasted anything apricot flavored in my life.  So when I received a bottle of Apricot from Marmalade E-liquids, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Of all the times I have heard of homemade jam and marmalades, I would imagine apricot being the prime choice of fruit.

Here is what the website lists as the flavor:

“A flavor that is as unique as its name, apricot marmalade is an exquisite citrus delight. Our Apricot marmalade liquid has been carefully formulated to increase your taste buds and bring out the inner tanginess.”

Presentation: This 60ml bottle comes in a small white carton with “Marmalade” written long ways on the front.  Each bottle has a color that corresponds with the fruit flavor associated with it, in this case a dark orange.  The back has a very lengthy warning regarding FDA, legal age, “not a smoking cessation product”, along with Prop 65.  There is also icons for Facebook and Instagram pages and the website (which I will link at the bottom of the article).  Frosted glass bottle with the same information on the carton replicated on the label.

Flavor:  Sweet and tangy, citrus acidity combined with a robust finish.  This has a sweet citrus inhale with a smooth finish.  The throat hit seems to be a combination between the nicotine and flavor choice.  There is a nice build all the way from beginning to end.  Sometimes it would come across with a stronger throat hit, sometimes with more of a sweeter flavor.  This constantly kept me guessing on how the experience was going to be and kept me wanting more.

Cloud Production: This has every indication of a 80VG/20PG, from the syrup like consistency of the juice to the solid cloud production.  This burns off the cotton pretty cleanly and lasts through a majority of the bottle, despite the yellowish color of the liquid that would usually start with stained cotton.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

I felt that this is a pretty solid all-day-vape that I relied on consistently.  This covered all the bases for my sweet tooth needs all the way to wanting something with a stronger throat hit that most fruit vapes can’t deliver.  Check it out at lav8lifestyle.com!


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