Juice Review: Break Time from Overtime E-Liquid

When you hear about a vanilla flavored juice, it’s often paired with something else.  Vanilla mixed with coffee or vanilla mixed with custard.  So to find something like this in a “vanilla malt”, it’s a completely new experience no matter how used you are to vanilla flavors.

The website gives the following description:

“Looking forward to Breaktime so I can enjoy this delicious flavor.  French Vanilla Malt Shake, so creamy and delicious.”

Packaging: The bottle has an off-white color with two milkshakes behind the clock-face character.  The left side covers all the bases with your typical warnings without a lot of text.  The right side says in clear bold print “Vanilla Malt“.  This should be interesting…

Flavor: As was clarified to me on quite a few occasions, this is a malt and not a milkshake.  I wanted the creamy base but instead got a sweeter vape with a tang that you would get from a handful of Milk Duds.  The vanilla isn’t too overpowering and melted very well with the vanilla inhale.  What came across on the exhale is a pure french vanilla taste.  No extra flavors, no additives.  Just pure french vanilla in a bottle.

In one word: Heaven.

Presentation: 80VG/20PG Despite having a more dessert flavor profile, this doesn’t gunk up your cotton the same way others would.  This maintains solid cotton consistency a lot longer than most juices.  The overall vapor production follows your typical 80/20 blend with fullness that doesn’t dissipate quickly.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

I would honestly consider this to be one of my top 5 juices!  Check out detroitrockcandy.com and check out this and the other juices from Overtime E-Liquid


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