Juice Review: Churronimo from FJ’s E-Liquid

If you spend any time on Instagram, you’re likely to stumble across a little something called “FJ’s E-Liquid“.  Or to be more precise “Fuck Jerry’s E-liquid”.  FJ has been posting content on Instagram for quite a while, with a lot of comedic content at the forefront.  In teaming with Elevate Liquids, they have created something totally unique in the vaping industry.  And in unique…well…you’ll see what I mean.

Churronimo, a vanilla bean ice cream crammed down between two brown sugar cinnamon churros.  To me, I was more excited to try this one simply because of the name.  Blame me for being a Doctor Who fan, but I love any word play on Geronimo…


Packaging: The carton this came in covered all the bases.  Prop 65, “ingredient” label, made in the USA, ISO-7 lab.   You name it!  The front of the box has a little animated churro with a sombrero and overly dramatic thick mustache.  To me, this artwork exemplifies the humor that FJ is famous for.  I am very impressed with how eye-catching this packaging is.

Flavor: Oh man, oh man.  Cinnamon churro.  This flavor has been beaten into the ground, in my opinion.  Lots of companies give it a go with their own version of the illustrious cinnamon flavor and don’t always nail it.  FJ has in fact nailed it.

The cinnamon churro inhale mixed with brown sugar gives this a rich and hearty inhale without the dreaded cinnamon flavor hell that a lot of people experience.  This is very sweet vape with a creamy vanilla ice cream finish that is nothing short of impressive.  These guys really know their ice cream flavors!

Cloud Production: 80VG/20PG, this has the flavor and the clouds to boot.  Every time I vaped, I was in awe at the size and volume of the clouds this produced.  Even with the cotton gunking, I was still more than happy to give this a rewick just to finish the bottle.

Even if you are leery of this flavor profile, I urge you to hunt this down and give it a shot.  You won’t be disappointed. Go to Elevate’s website and pick yourself up a bottle!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


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