VIP Bags (aka Whatcha got in the bag?!)

So part of the reason you go to a vape convention is to check out the really good deals.  Maybe even the free stuff (you know…when free stuff was legal…)  However, Mooch and Freeze did something totally unheard of during VaperSlam by introducing something called a VIP bag.  What this meant was that for a fee, you got in an hour earlier than everyone else and also got a swag bag with a bunch of juice to take home.

I picked up one in March, mainly for the opportunity to bring more awesome juice to this site and review for you guys.  To be perfectly honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with the juice alone that came in that box.  So when the announcement came of a VIP premium bag, I thought “You’ve gotta be kidding me…”

First off, some major things changed with this event as a result of past issues and the FDA regulations.  In addition to the “no free sampling”, there was also the adjusted hours.  General public was allowed in at 2pm, while VIP got in at noon.  As I mentioned in my article yesterday, if all of the vendors would have made it to the event it may have been even more worth it.  But then again, if I had my crystal ball, I probably would have seen the unfortunate circumstances that transpired earlier in the week….


The major selling point of this was the chance to own a HexOhm, V3 version complete with a unique VapeMania design.  I have never owned a HexOhm, so I wasn’t sure what the big deal was (and we’ll get into that next week…)

Here is a full list of everything that came in the VIP bag.

  • HexOhm – V3
  • Mini Maus (Limited Edition to VapeMania) from Cloud Chasers Inc
  • Eclyp Mark II
  • Suicide Bunny – 15ml bottles (I got the Kings Crown line in addition to 3 other random 15ml bottles)
  • Bad Drip – Don’t Care Bear (newest flavor)
  • Vape Lemonade – 3 flavors, 15ml bottles
  • Marlin Steam – Blue
  • Full line of Red Eye Vapor – 30ml bottles
  • HiLIQ bottle of menthol additive (possibly for all of you DIYers)
  • Various other goodies, including a sucker and folding pen with the Bad Drip logo

Not too bad a haul for the mere price of $200.  There was an issue with a bit of the juice not being included in the bag.  Thankfully, the TVA guys went above and beyond to make sure the customers are taken care of.

I don’t know if I would pay this kind of price tag again for another premium bag.  It’s kind of hard to top something like this, with everything you would need except batteries.  I think the only thing I would gripe about is the fact that the sample book wasn’t included in this package.  Regardless, nothing was half-ass about this grab bag.

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes in April to try and top this.  Until next time, guys…vape on!


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