Juice Review: Don’t Care Bear from BAD DRIP

Marketing makes a juice company recognizable, no matter where you see them.  Then there’s these guys, who take their marketing to extreme measures.  From the ice cream truck with a killer clown to the pill bottles with a Watchmen-esque smiley face wipe cloth with every bottle, these guys take the extra effort to make killer impression on the consumer.

Take for example this bottle of “Don’t Care Bear”, from Bad Drip.  Here’s the flavor profile:

“GreaT GOoey gLObs OF GLUEY, gloppY, GUMMY GUTS, mutilatED meloN Meat, pulverizeD, pUked, PEAR and PEACH…”

This was a last minute addition to the lineup, just prior to August 8th. It officially hit the online store recently, and had it’s premiere at VapeMania.  Let’s take a closer look…

Presentation: Imagine if you will…a pill bottle.  The lid has a large blue smiley face with “BAD DRIP – HAVE A BAD DAY – SUCK ON THIS” written around the edge.  The label is a large mix of scribbles and sketches, including a large teddy bear that has been through the ringer.  Directions: Suck on this.  Barcode with a red smiley face with paint dripping down the length.  Seriously, this bottle has it all.

Inside is a 30ml bottle that includes very similar art.  Prop 65 warning, ingredients, etc.  There is also a small drip cloth with a smiley face, and this comes with every bottle.  Very nice little addition!

Flavor: Let me start out by saying this.  I do not like candy vapes.  I try as much as possible to avoid them for the simple fact that the sugary intensity overwhelms my taste buds.  That is…until I tried this.

Whether I tried this in a RDA or tank, I got a very similar profile.  The inhale has a very subtle candy fruit flavor with a hint of gummy texture.  Right at the point that I felt the sweetener would kick in, the exhale takes over with what tastes like real fruit.  Melon, pear, peaches.  A mixture of juice and pieces of fruit all in the exhale.  To someone like me that doesn’t enjoy candy vapes, this could easily make me change my tone.

Cloud Production: I don’t see anything specific on the website or packaging that indicates PG/VG ratio, but to me this maintains a 70VG/30PG ratio.  Not too goopy, not too thick.  This maintains perfect consistency across all devices.  The sweetness comes in the flavors and not in added sweetener.  Having said that, this saves on cotton and coils quite a bit.  The cloud on this was full of volume and density.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Make sure you guys get a chance to check this out!!  This has just the right flavor profile to hopefully appease just about any vaper.

Until next time guys, vape on!


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