Juice Review: Hugos from Red Eye Vapor

Vaping and comic books.  I thought I had seen just about everything in relation to marketing with vaping products.  However, this one is a little more unique.  The premise behind this is taking a comic book series that has a much more adult nature and creating a juice line based off of the characters.  If a juice line decided to make a “Batman” or “Spiderman” set, a lot of controversy would spawn as a result.

Trust me when I say, though, that this isn’t your mama’s comic book…

And Hugos from Red Eye Vapor is not your mama’s PB&J.  Here is a flavor profile and character summary from the website.

“A robust mixed berry jelly packed into rich peanut butter cake balls. This ain’t your momma’s PB&J.

“The Northside Bulldog” A walking mutated mountain of emotion. He’s caught at the cross roads of life where one must choose between career or love. A high ranked mutant boxing champ whose big break is coming as he begins to step in the arena as a pro. one part of his life is rising while the other part of his life is rotting. the love of his life, cannot sit back and be apart of the brutality taking place in her mans life. but its the life he’s chosen. she cant understand how a man as sweet and gentle and kind to her, can also commit murder in the arena, all for fame and glory. when one door opens another one closes. such is the case for poor Hugos. On the eve of becoming a pro fighter his long time lover decides she can no longer be a fighters wife and leaves. he has to decide between rekindling a past flame, or riding the tide of a new life.”

So let’s take a look at this bottle…

Presentation: Red and pink layers in the background, this vibrant label captures the character and intensity of Hugos.  You get the picture of a large mutant on the front in a typical fighter pose.  Right side of the label shows the nicotine level and bottle size, while the right shows a Prop 65 warning as well as the ingredients.  The bottle itself is a dark brown/green, making it a little difficult to check your liquid level without finding a significant light source to shine through.  The dropper has a large red bulb on the end, making it easier to find in your vape stash.

I think aside from the opaqueness of the bottle, I was also a little disappointed in the draw power of the dropper.  The dropper was a little stiff and didn’t quite get a good draw every single time.  This might also have a lot to do with the consistency of the liquid (we’ll get to that in a minute…)

Flavor: If you have never had a peanut butter and jelly vape before, it’s quite the unique experience.  Sweetness and robust flavor, but sometimes can be rich and a little heavy.  What they mean by peanut butter cake balls almost comes across as a peanut butter cake batter.  Light and creamy, not too heavy on the acidic nature with most peanut butter flavors.  The jelly is described as mixed berry, but it comes across as a raspberry/grape mix.  However, this takes a completely different stance depending on what device you use.

  • Tank/RTA – Jelly takes a backseat to a mound of peanut butter.  The jelly provides just a minor punch to add a taste of sweetness that keeps this juice interesting.
  • RDA – Jelly steamrolls and dances through with a perfect meld of peanut butter and jelly.  A stark contrast from what you experience in a tank.

Cloud Production: This comes across on the thicker side of 70VG/30PG.  It might actually be closer to 75/25, especially with the thicker consistency.  This might be part of the reason I mentioned earlier about the difficulty of using the dropper to get a good solid pull of liquid.  I didn’t see very significant coil or cotton gunking.  The cloud production stayed pretty impressive between both devices, and maintained volume a little bit longer than most juices I have tried, which is nice.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg

If you want to check this out, go to Vapecentric’s webstore and check it out.  Stay tuned throughout this week for the rest of the Red Eye Vapor line…

Until next time, guys…vape on!

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