Juice Review: Smotherbox from Venum Vapur

The Immoral Elixirs line from Venum Vapur tends to ride on the more decadent line of flavors.  Sweet and sinful, and Smotherbox is no exception.

Take a moment to go to Google and search the term “Smotherbox”, if you don’t know what it means.  Go ahead…I’ll wait…

Soo….this tastes nothing like that.  Instead, this Smotherbox is a delicate fried vanilla ice cream flavor.  Not a flavor that’s too overdone, but not new ground in the flavor market either.

Presentation: I’m still a huge fan of the purple glass bottles.  The label has a simple design of a devil woman silhouette with a pair of handcuffs overlaying, almost like one end of the handcuffs doubles as her tail.  The other half of the cuffs completes the O in “Immoral”.  Simple label design to signify the nicotine strengths, but nothing spelling out and sort of warning or content (at least, not at the time of this article).

Flavor: The beginning scent has a bit of a sensation of a cinnamon sugar glaze.  The flavor itself, however, doesn’t have as much of the cinnamon sugar.  Instead it has the tease of a flaky crust without being too overwhelming.  In fact, the fried batter has just enough flavor to make my lips tingle.

The ice cream isn’t too overpowering either.  I have had fried ice cream vapes that felt as though they beat the crap out of my taste buds.  By the end of the bottle, I wasn’t able to fully taste the vape.  That’s not the case with this, however.  The flavor is just enough of a tease without completely overwhelming the taste buds.  Well put together!

Cloud Production: Cloud production on this was a slightly waning.  I wanted a bigger production that lasted longer.  Instead I got a full mist of clouds that spread over a larger area.  PG/VG seems like the higher 70 range, possibly 75VG/25PG or slightly higher.  With the flavors, however, there is a pretty good amount of cotton staining.  Don’t be surprised if you need to change the cotton to keep the flavors in tact.

Bottle Size: 50ml, 100ml (coming soon)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg

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