Juice Review: Metamorphosis from Alchemist Vapor Labs

Anyone who has ever tried blueberry donuts can attest to the unique flavor notes.  The thicker cake consistency, the meld of blueberries into each bite with just enough glaze to keep you wanting more.  If done right, it’s not a “donut with blueberry” but rather with blueberries infused into each and every bite.

That’s the flavor that Alchemist Vapor Labs went with in this juice called “Metamorphosis”.  In fact, the website describes it as blueberry donuts with milk”.  I’ll get into that in just a second…

Presentation: The bottle is a gorgeous cobalt blue with a red dripper cap on top.  The logo showcases a very colorful and animated graphic of a couple of glass vials with a huge cloud in the background with “Alchemist Vapor Labs” printed in the center.  The name of the juice is listed below that in a bubble/balloon type font.  The label on the right side shows the list of ingredients, the nicotine level indicated by a set of 3 vials, California Prop 65 warning, and a note to “Shake Well Before Use”.  The bottle itself is very visually appealing and easy to locate if you have a few extra bottles floating around your desk.

Flavor: At first, I wanted more of a donut with blueberry flavor.  I wanted to taste the glaze and the light flaky crust.  Once this settled on my TFV8 coil, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the flavor.  I literally had to imagine the donut case at Dunkin Donuts with blueberry donut holes.  From that point on, the flavor seemed to make better sense.  Just the right amount of glaze and blueberry mixed in to create a very solid flavor consistency hit after hit.

I decided to mess around a bit with the settings.  I tried this on my RDA (Tsunami, 0.25ohm Claptons, for those keeping score at home), and couldn’t quite get the same flavor that I got from my tank.  I put this back in my TFV8 and decided to mess around with the settings.  60-65 watts maintained that perfect balance of donut flavor.  Once I cranked up to 70 and above, I feel that the blueberry flavorings popped more dramatically.  However, the donut flavor seemed to fall apart.  Your experience may differ, however.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this flavor.  And by the way, in case you are wondering about the milk..this helped to extend the flavor and give it significant depth.  I think if this didn’t have the milk flavoring,  you would get a slight suggestion of a donut flavor that quickly would disappear after a few seconds.  Very well executed…

Cloud Production: 82VG/18PG.  A very strange ratio, however I appreciate them being upfront and honest instead of trying to round the PG/VG ratio.  I was surprised that this worked as well in my tank with such a high VG.  On top of that, the cloud production was far superior to most of the juices I have tried in recent months.  Another win-win.

Combined that with a very clean vape that doesn’t destroy your coils, and you can’t go wrong with this one.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Until next time…vape on!


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