Juice Review: Bullets from High Stakes Vapor

High Stakes Vapor is a small business based out of Fresno, California.  I have had the pleasure of talking with Joe and Denise on quite a few occasions, and have also had the joy in trying a few of their products.  It’s fascinating to me to see companies take a specific path in the marketing and design of the product.  High Stakes models each flavor after the name of a poker hand, and they even include a poker chip with their orders.  More on that in a second…

Here is what the website lists as the flavor profile on Bullets.

“Smooth Southern bourbon with hints of toasted almond, coconut, and rich vanilla.”

Presentation: One of the major points in High Stakes that impressed me was the packaging.  Both times I have ordered, I felt that the bottles were very well preserved and secured during the shipping process.  That is because each bottle is sealed inside of a large air pocket that doubles as a shipping bubble, similar to the larger air pillows that are used in securing larger parcels.  This also prevents nosy mail carriers from trying to figure out if this includes one of those “crazy vape mail things…”

I got a 60ml bottle, which came in a plastic PET squeeze bottle with an additional screw-on drip tip.  This bothered me a little because I had trouble trying to refill my TFV8, similar to trying to fit a square into a round peg.  The consistency of the liquid was thick enough that a slow pour proved to be no messy issue.

The poker chip included is the real deal.  You can order these things and use them during your poker games.  There is also a discount code printed on the edge of the chip that can be used as a discount on future purchases.

Flavor: Smooth is putting it lightly.  I have tried a few alcohol/drink based vapes before that produced a severe throat burn, enough to make me feel like I actually took a shot.  Instead, a smooth woodsy flavor served as a base.  The almond and coconut were more prominent, with almond being stronger in a tank and coconut being stronger in a dripper.  The vanilla was there but not too strong.  I would call this a solid all day vape for me.

Cloud Production: Once upon a time, you could pick and choose your PG/VG levels.  However, the recent FDA regulations have limited that selection to just 70VG/30PG.  That still provides an excellent base to produce solid clouds without sacrificing flavor.  This also doesn’t appear to have any added sweetener, which preserves your cotton and coils a little longer too.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Until next time, guys…vape on!


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