Juice Review: Boston Creme from MF’n Donut

The stuff that legends are made of.  When you deem yourself as “MF’n Donut“, then you more than likely are bringing it to the table with an incredible donut flavor.  With such a wide array of flavors to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which one to go for.

In this one, MF’n Donut tries to turn a Boston Creme donut into a tasty all-day-vape.  There is no frivolous description to try and get you to buy the product.  It’s a simple “Boston Creme”.  Take it or leave it.

Presentation: The logo is displayed predominately on the front of the label with gorgeous lettering on the company name and flavor title.  The marble type background gives a good backdrop to make this bottle visually appealing.  You have a scan-able barcode  on the left side with “The Original Donut E-juice” right below that.  The other side gives ample amount of information, including the symbols for no one under 18, no pregnant women, and do not liter.  There is also a substantial paragraph giving the legal information regarding nicotine and its use.  There is also a born-on-date and an expiration date (two years?!).  Just for good measure, there is also a batch number.  Easy to find information, and a lot to take in with each bottle.

Flavor: So what exactly is a Boston Creme donut? It’s a donut with chocolate frosting on top, filled with vanilla cream.  It’s designed to be a smaller version of a Boston Cream Pie.  An accurate bite into the actual donut should give you a punch of chocolate flavor with the cream to follow almost immediately.  A tango of sweet creams with the nutty richness of the chocolate frosting, all with the depth of a donut to boot.

This is pretty damn close.  The cream seemed to undermine the chocolate flavoring, which seemed a little disappointing.  I was actually hoping for more of a noticeable cream flavor.  However, the cream ended up spreading the chocolate to flavor points I wouldn’t even expect.  It’s not solely sweet, but it achieves that rich and robust flavor you would want in a chocolate vape (and yes, quite possibly one of the better chocolate vapes I have tried so far).  I think all in all, this has the perfect flavor for anyone who wants a good donut flavor in their dripper.

Cloud Production: 85VG/15PG.  This actually had a thinner consistency than I would have expected with that ratio.  I’m almost positive that this would have worked just as well in a tank as well as a dripper.  However, given the flavor profile, I opted to go with a RDA.  There was quite a bit of cotton coloring and coil gunking.  I think through the course of the full 30ml bottle, I had to change my wick three times.  For this kind of flavor, I thought it was pretty well worth the extra effort.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

If you are looking for any other donut flavors to try, go check out MF’n Donuts website.  You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time, guys….vape on!



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