Juice Review: MBYC Fried from Sicboy

In lieu of the August 8th date just around the corner, there have been an insane number of juices being pushed out on the market as quickly as possible.  Whether this is one of those being submitted due to the tight timeline or if it was originally intended to release regardless is anybody’s guess.

I spoke previously about the presentation of MBYC and how the sweet and salty came together in an interesting creation that could become your next all day vape.  I have heard some people talk about how overwhelmed their taste buds had been or how they might have felt like the juice was missing something very important.

Enter MBYC: Fried.  Here is what Giant Vapes has listed as the flavor profile.

“Delicious balls of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream… Just like the original best-selling M.B.Y.C…  But these cold, yummy balls of ice creamy goodness are coated in batter and deep fried to perfection.”

Presentation: First off, I love the fact that they restricted the bottle size to just 60ml.  In the days of strong subtanks, a 30ml just won’t cut it.  To purchase a 60ml bottle you are setting yourself up to either really enjoy the juice or gift your best vaping friend with a lot of juice for them to try.  Either way, this has a very strong sense of commitment to the flavor.

The bottle has your basic Prop 65 warnings, your basic warning, and ingredients.  Nothing about the label itself came across as overly impressive, but the logo for the flavor itself has grown to somewhat iconic.  If you follow Sicboy on Facebook or Instagram, this has an instantly recognizable label.

Flavor: As I mentioned before, you get a unique sweet combination of vanilla ice cream and custard mixed with the saltiness of pralines (as opposed to something like salted caramel or peanut butter).  Pralines seems like a solid option without completely overtaking or encapsulating the other flavors in this blend.

However, if you are like me you want something a little different.  You feel like something is missing to give it that little something extra.  The fried ice cream batter does just that.  It gives that depth of flavor that is otherwise missing from a sea of high notes.  It feels to me like this is a flavor addition instead of a base, meaning there is a lighter amount of fried batter that doesn’t take over the other flavors.  If you tried MBYC before, you can still taste that original flavor with a little bit of a boost.

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG.  Cloud production is solid to say the least.  Whether you use a RDA or a subtank, you will get a good performance out of this.  I would say out of the full 60ml bottle I had to change my cotton about 5-6 times.  For the flavor, though, I felt that it was well worth the extra effort to keep the cotton fresh.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

You can check out this incredible juice with many others at Giant Vapes.  Click the banner below to check out their huge selection, and support this website.  Use the code “GV10” to save 10% off your order!


Until next time, guys…vape on!

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