Juice Review: Arise from Suicide Bunny

Mother’s Milk.  A strawberry cream concoction that performed magic to Pip’s husband.  That was the flavor that got him to quit smoking.  This spawns the question: “Why mess up a good thing?”

Here’s what the website lists as the flavor for Arise from Suicide Bunny, part of the Cloud Company line.

“Birthed by the much-loved Mothers Milk, this twist on the original maximizes smoothness and VG for great performance and flavor, cloud after cloud.”

Presentation: Like the rest of the Cloud Company line, this has a picture of an angel with a bandito type cover over her mouth.  Necklace and tattoos round out the artwork on this beauty.  It gives the impression of a tattoo somebody got across their back or shoulder blades.  Very smooth looking label, but there is no information regarding PG/VG ratio or the flavor profile.  To some, this could be a put-off.

When you open the bottle, you can smell the tart berry flavor with a smooth cream flavor.  Thankfully it’s pretty easy to determine the flavor profile just from the initial scent.

Flavor: Ripe and fresh strawberries for days.  Tart, sweet, plump and juicy. This has such a unique combination of strawberry flavors that hit almost every flavor note.  Where it doesn’t, the cream picks up.  This is a fresh cream, almost a yogurt undertone.  In combination, this has such a refreshing taste for any strawberry lover.

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG, with excellent cloud production.  It doesn’t have the taste of any artificial sweetener, so it’s not a coil killer either.  Major plus!

Bottle Size: 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg

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