Juice Review: Puff Tarts

This is a tough one to talk about, simply because there is so much against companies that have possible copyright infringement.  I don’t necessarily support the companies that produce these juices, but I am intrigued as to whether or not they make something remotely close to what they say.

“”Just like the frosted Blueberry morning treat you woke up to before school. Now at your dripping disposal even if you decide to sleep in!” 

Presentation: So this comes in a box.  The front of it shows a frosted blueberry Pop-Tarts with a logo that is oddly reminiscent to the logo for Pop Tarts.  The outside of the box has some very awesome facts about vaping.  One side shows the benefits of vaping from 8 hours all the way up to 10 years.  Another side has a Vape Fact about the origination of vaping in China.  The back has the vaping facts in the style of the ingredient label (a little tongue-in-cheek anytime I see this).  The bottle itself is a 60ml plastic bottle with a squeeze tip that you can add on after you get the bottle open.

Flavor Presentation: To say that this tastes like a Frosted Blueberry is like saying a Pop-Tart tastes like Frosted Blueberry.  By that logic, this tastes just like it!

Let me explain.  Blueberry in a Pop-Tart has a unique candy/dessert flavor that is unmistakable.  It’s actually more of a “blueberry artificial flavor”, very sweet with hints of a tart note that resembles a blueberry.  All of the frosting and dough in the world can’t cut through or blend into that flavor.  All in all, this tastes just like the super sweet breakfast food.

Cloud Production: 80VG/20PG…well actually, it’s 80VG/19PG, according to the package. The clouds are pretty decent, but this is brutal on the coils.  I actually got some pretty serious gunk and flaking on this one pretty early.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml only

You can find this at various places online, including at Drip Industry

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