Juice Review: Batido from Rumblepup

So this one came up on a whim.  Lately I have been on a guava kick, and this one hit the spot.

Here’s what the Rumblepup site lists for Batido (translation: Spanish milkshake):

“Latinos, Cubans in particular, love MIXING stuff. Batidos are our own version of a milk shake or ice cream smoothie. We throw frozen fruit concentrate, fresh fruit, milk and a bit of ice cream in a blender, and blammo blend (my terms)  that thing until it was a frothy, creamy, colorful thing of beauty that we drank right along with lunch or late breakfast.

We would not drink this as a desert. Desert, no way, give me a batido with my sandwich now!

My Grandmother made batidos from hell. I still get brain freeze just thinking of them. They where delicious. This is my tribute to the wonderful batidos of my youth.”

Presentation: Very basic on the information (Prop 65, ingredients, etc.) but the label itself is super clean looking.  I have to say that I am impressed to see two key elements.  One is the PG/VG ratio and two is the flavor profile.  I love the fact that a bottle features information on the flavor so it’s not a mystery.  It gets to be a little tedious to go to a website to “translate” the flavor.

The smell is very tropical with hints of the heavy cream.  Good sign before starting the bottle…

Flavor: Mango and guava are all you need for a solid tropical vape.  There are so many blends that include pineapple, but thankfully this one takes it to a whole other level by omitting that one flavor.  The cream adds an incredible amount of depth that is missing from a lot of guava based vapes.

The cream has an almost custard feel with the spiciness.  Either that, or this is the combination of cream with these two fruits.  Either way, it’s the cream that really makes this bottle shine.

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG makes for amazing cloud production in both a tank and a dripper.  I love the fact that you have that option on this one, as it fits with your personal preference.  No massive cotton gunking either, which is nice.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 30ml

Go make sure you check out Rumblepup.  You won’t find flavors quite like this anywhere…

Until next time guys, vape on!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Tish says:

    You make these creamy vapes sound so good.. And you know me and creamy ones..


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