Things are about to change…


Alright guys, I’m writing this for two reasons.

One, this is article number 199 since I started blogging on this site.  With the next one being number 200, I wanted to make a few changes to really try to step up my game when it comes to juice reviews.  And that brings me to my next reason…

I try to put as much detail as I can into the juice reviews, but I feel like I could do more.  This might be a little too much detail for some, but at the same time, you can’t spare any details when it comes to juice reviews.

So here is what I’m thinking.  I would love to see some feedback on this and see if you guys agree with what I’m doing on the site.

Flavor: I want to kind of combine the flavor/cloud production into one category.  The way the clouds interact with the PG/VG ratio (and ultimately the flavor) I think needs to go into its own full category

Marketing: What details are showing on the labels that you might not notice?  Is there something catchy or tongue-in-cheek with the flavor name?

Originality: As much as you see similar flavors on the market, is there something about this one in particular that speaks out above the rest?

Bottle: I will go into the available sizes, but also the detail on how easily this closes, the pippets, the seal, etc.

Nicotine Strength: This won’t change.  It’s crucial to know what’s available on the market.

Now, the big question is this.  Do you guys prefer someone to actually rate a juice?  I like to discuss what I experienced and let you make the decision on your own.  However…I can understand why you would want that little extra step…

Anyway, let me know what you guys think.  Until next time…vape on!


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  1. I don’t think rating on a scale is necessary. I like your descriptions and whether or not you liked the juice. Everyone’s pallet is different, so I prefer reading descriptions.

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