Juice Review: Sicker Than Most from Sicboy

The decision is a tough one.  Should I give a fruity vape a shot?  Not a huge fan of fruit vapes, but when it comes to a company like Sicboy, you can’t help but like it.

Here is what the website at Giant Vapes says about Sicker Than Most.

“A deliciously creamy, fruity blend of ripe strawberries, tangy tangerines, and plump blueberries, covered in sweet cream.”

Flavor: At the very first hit, I get a perfectly sweet and ripe blueberry hit.  Almost instantly, it blends into a sweet swirl of tasty strawberries and blueberries with a tangerine blend over top.  It’s a beautiful medley of flavors, and I am quite impressed with the fruity goodness.

The cream, however, is very different from what I would expect.  Instead of coming across as a creamy base, it comes across as more of a pastry pie shell.  It’s not too heavy on that end, but it’s not the cream that I was looking for…

(Dirty minds, I know you’re out there somewhere…)

Cloud Production: 65VG/35PG. The cloud production is incredible with this, and the flavor to boot.  Very good, guys….very good…

Bottle Size: 30ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

As a special deal, if you have never tried Mojo Vapor before, click here to receive 15% off your first order of Sicboy or any of the flavors on their site!

Until next time…you sicko’s….vape on!!


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