Juice Review: Not Your Nana’s Confetti Cake from One Liner E-liquid

I have to say that I am typically a big fan of trying one-of juice lines, simply because there is very little expectation.  You don’t know who necessarily makes it, but you might at least find out who distributes it.  Such is the case with this one, Not Your Nana’s Confetti Cake from One Liner E-liquid.  I found this one at the Mod Fuel booth at VaperSlam in March.  Not totally sure if they are the makers behind it, but Mod Fuel is a wholesale distributor of this product.

Here is what the website  has to say about the flavor:

“A rich vanilla confetti cake smothered in strawberry frosting.”

Flavor: First off, I love confetti cakes.  The hint of various flavors sprinkled on top of a butter cream cupcake is well worth it to me.  I can’t say I have ever seen one with strawberry frosting, but I am sure it would be amazing.

This, however, was not amazing.

First off, the vanilla cake flavor was pretty tasty.  I could tell that from the get-go.  But it seemed like almost immediately after I hit the “fire” button, the frosting took over.  The frosting tasted like a blend between strawberry and butter cream.  I couldn’t necessarily pinpoint any particular one, but would love to be able to tell the difference between them in this vape.

The worst part about this was a very nasty aftertaste.  It tasted like a store-bought, mass manufactured cupcake.  Nowhere near a homemade and definitely not what Nana made.  So I guess, in essence, they are right with calling this flavor what they do.

Cloud Production: However, the cloud production is pretty impressive.  70VG/30PG with very thick, rich cloud production.  Out of everything with this package, I wish I could save the clouds and put them with another bottle entirely.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

I will say, though, that this does come with a birthday candle.  I understand the novelty behind it but…c’mon guys, really?

Until next time…vape on!


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