Juice Review: Surge from Stratus Fine Vapor

One of the biggest reasons I like subscription boxes is that you get exposed to companies that you might not normally check out.  Take Stratus, for example.  In this area of the country and with our local vape shops, you probably wouldn’t normally hear of a company like this.  One of my friends from Georgia had heard of them, but I don’t think mentioning this company would normally come up in conversation.

However, my Craft Vapery box contained a 15ml bottle of Surge.  I went to their website and found out the following:

“Introducing Surge by Stratus, where strawberry has never been so sensational! Nothing like this cake pop treat to send your tastebuds surging.  “

Flavor: Bakery and strawberry.  My favorite.  🙂

(Believe it or not, I have never tried an actual cake pop.  I guess my taste buds just haven’t ever screamed for one whenever I see one.  Anyway…)

This has a very subtle flavor combination, which is nice.  I have tried a few other cake pop flavors that tasted more like a tangy cake batter than an actual finished “cake pop”.  This had a good fluffy finish, with just enough sweetness to hit my taste buds without overwhelming with the icing.

As far as the strawberry goes, it’s a solid bakery strawberry glaze.  More on the candy side, but I feel like it melded well with whatever they used to replicate the icing.  All in all, a very well executed Strawberry Cake Pop flavor

Cloud Production: 70VG/30PG, this has all the makings of a solid cloud chucker.  As unbelievable as it might seem, this does not destroy cotton as quickly as you would think, which is nice.

Bottle Size: You can buy the 15ml bottle from Craft Vapery’s website, but there are also some 30ml and 120ml if you want to dedicate yourself more towards this flavor.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

If you want to give Craft Vapery a try, click the link here to get 20 percent off your first month.

Until next time, guys…vape on!


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