Juice Review: Graham ‘Baccer from Hooz Juice


Hooz Juice is a juice company out of Alabama that also showed up at VaperSlam this year (alright guys…if you can’t tell…there were a LOT of people at this convention…).  They have an interesting flavor in this one called “Graham ‘Baccer”.

Here is what the website lists as the flavor profile:

“Honey caramel graham cracker with undertones of sweet, nutty RY4 tobacco.”

Flavor: I have told you guys before about my impression of RY4 tobacco flavors, and how it tastes like brown sugar and molasses.  Most flavors don’t mesh well and end up clashing.  That flavor mixes well with the honey caramel graham, and hits my flavor profile just right.

I see this as being a perfect recommendation to someone who is looking to get away from cigarettes, as a gentle introduction to vaping if they want to stick with that “tobacco” flavor.  The rich, subtle flavors meld well and help the vaper see the possibilities with all of the awesome flavors that vaping has to offer.  When you first start vaping it, it’s very sweet and nutty, but as you continue to vape it after 2-3 hits, the spiciness builds to that throat hit that most smokers would be familiar with.

Cloud Production: The website lists the range of PG/VG as 73/27 to 84/16.  Regardless, this had amazing cloud production with my Crown tank.  I could only imagine how the clouds would have been even more impressive with a RDA.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 100ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Guys, go check this juice out!  Easily one of my new all day vapes!

Until next time guys…vape on!


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