Juice Review: Tears of My Enemies

Tears of My Enemies was a special selection at VaperSlam this year in the Archive booth. Here is what the website has to say about the flavor profile:

“Make sure everyone knows who they’re dealing with as you quench your thirst for sweet and salty vengeance. Allow yourself retribution with each drop of perfectly balanced salted caramel on a throne of waffle cone.”

So check this out…

Flavor: This has all the makings for a perfect all-day-vape for me.  The sweetness of salted caramel mixed with a full nutty crunch of a waffle cone base.


At first this has a sweet and salty kick unlike anything I have ever tried before.  The flavor is damn near perfect.  After a couple of hours, though, the salted overtakes the caramel and waffle cone.  My taste buds feel like they got pounded with too much salt and I have to switch to something else.  When I switched from my dripper to a tank, though, the flavor was too muted for me.  I feel like this is a perfect flavor to add a little depth to any dessert vape that needs a little extra kick.

Cloud Production: This is a 80VG/20PG.  It explains why this didn’t work so well in my tank.  The cloud production was pretty full, and those clouds stuck around.  Not too shabby on the cotton either.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml

Check out some of the other awesome flavors at the AVAIL Wholesale site.

Until next time, guys…vape on!



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