Juice Review: Murica

Guys, brace yourself.  This is going to be a very touchy subject…

One of the bigger arguments among the vaping community has been that of “copyright infringement”.  Its a very fine line, in my opinion, because of the “tongue-in-cheek” humor that goes into some of the products.   Granted there are quite a few that are straight ripoffs of their major marketing counterparts, which I am not a fan of.

Nothing says America like warm apple pie…and nothing says ‘Murica like McDonald’s.  This one gets pretty bold with the packaging.  Check this out…

The front of the box just screams McDonald’s, including the “I’m Vapin’ It”, but at the same time it’s very humorous to me as an adult consumer.  It’s like “Aaaah, I see what they did there”.

On the back of the box, they could have put more funny plays on McDonald’s ingredients and marketing.  Instead, they decide to do what you see above, which would more than meet the FDA requirements and then some.

With the logo, you see the M is molded just right to prevent any actual trademark infringement.  At first glance, it could be mistaken for the Golden Arches but at a second look it’s not a carbon copy.

Flavor: The key question is this.  Is this Apple Pie?  Well…no.  Then again McDonald’s Apple Pie isn’t a real apple pie either…

McDonald’s Apple Pie has more filling than apple, and even then the apple seems more imitation.  The cinnamon glazed crust has a slight bit of a burnt taste that is synonymous with every single apple pie I have tried.  This juice?  Spot on to that description.  An apple pie filling flavor with a slightly burned cinnamon taste.  I wish it was more like a REAL apple pit, but I feel like they stayed pretty true to the flavor profile, especially in a tank.

Cloud Production: I have seen several flavor profiles that state this as a 80VG/20PG.  It seemed to go more like a 70/30 or lower.  It ran butter smooth in a tank with no issues on cloud production or flavor.  I also didn’t notice much of a coil gunking, which was nice.

Bottle Size: 30ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg



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