Juice Review: Tombstone from Villain Vapors

I used to be a menthol smoker, so I like to touch on menthol flavors from time to time.  Usually it’s saved for when I am sick (which, honestly, my allergies were on high alert this week…) but I gave it a shot anyway.

Here’s what the website says about the flavor profile:

“A refreshing blend of your favorite seasonal summertime fruit and a cool menthol.”

Flavor: A mix of various fruits, it’s hard to determine specifically what these flavors are.  Possibly apple, maybe a little bit of grape as well.  Here’s why it’s so hard to figure out the flavor…

The menthol on this is STRONG!  I understand why companies try to use menthol in combination with fruits.  Who doesn’t love a good chilled fruit flavor?  However, I have two suggestions.

  1. Use less menthol.  Much like things like Vicks VapoRub, a little goes a very long way!
  2. Use Koolada.  It adds a sweeter touch to the flavors but it has a much tamer menthol flavor than the menthol base.

Cloud Production: Even though the menthol was really strong, I still vaped about half the bottle.  Luckily, no cotton killer here!  70VG/30PG, it’s still a very solid cloud maker.

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

If you guys want a stronger menthol with a fruity base, give this one a shot!
You can check out this incredible juice with many others at Giant Vapes.  Click the banner below to check out their huge selection, and support this website.  Use the code “GV10” to save 10% off your order!


Until next time guys…vape on!


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