Month: May 2016

Smoking in the Military

I wanted to start off by saying this.  I am very appreciative for the sacrifice that the millions of veterans and troops have given so that I can enjoy the freedoms I have as an American.  Among those is the freedom to vape…for right now.  The topic has […]

Juice Review: PBSM from Vape Escape

Peanut Butter.  The bane of almost every savory vapers flavor pallet.  Some are too acidic, some don’t have enough flavor.  Some are mixed with other flavors to mask and/or enhance the profile. Then PBSM came in to change the game. PBSM is a blend of whipped cream, peanut […]

Juice Review: Murica

Guys, brace yourself.  This is going to be a very touchy subject… One of the bigger arguments among the vaping community has been that of “copyright infringement”.  Its a very fine line, in my opinion, because of the “tongue-in-cheek” humor that goes into some of the products.   Granted there […]

Juice Review: Tigre from Rumblepup

Buckle up, kids.  Here is Tigre from Rumblepup.  This is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. I wanted to start with the full description from the website on this flavor. “I promised myself I would not be another e-liquid creator with yet another version of a fruit […]