Juice Review: Back Porch Tobacco

In my early 20’s, I tried to give up smoking cigarettes by switching to pipe tobacco.  I basically traded one vice for another.  I always went for a sweeter, vanilla flavored pipe tobacco.  It worked pretty well for about 3 months or so…

Here is the description of the Back Porch Tobacco from Southern Tradition:

“Brings back memories of Grandpa’s stories and the smell of a warm and sweet tobacco with hints of vanilla and spice.”

Flavor: This reminds me a lot of the classic pipe tobacco taste from way back when.  The smell of the bottle didn’t have a strong tobacco smell.  However, that first hit had a solid combination of the sweet vanilla, spicy tobacco, and the perfect amount of heat from my mod to make me feel like I was back to smoking my pipe.  The vanilla wasn’t too strong, the tobacco wasn’t too harsh.  If pipe tobacco was your vice, you need to give this one a shot.

Cloud Production: I feel that this is another 70VG/30PG blend.  Solid smooth cloud production that doesn’t gunk up the cotton too harsh.

Bottle Size: 30ml, 100ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg

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