Juice Review: Da Bomb Pop from Ice Cream Man

When I went to VaperSlam a couple of weeks ago, these guys had one of the most eye catching booths towards the back of the event center.  With the amount of ice cream flavors on the market, I had to check and see what these guys had to offer.

Here’s what the website said for the flavor:

“It doesn’t get any better than tasting the unforgettable flavors of this triple colored Popsicle! Sit back and enjoy the refreshing summertime flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry with this tasty frozen treat.”

Flavor: As soon as you open the bottle, all three flavors emanate from the bottle.  A sure sign of what’s to come.  The flavor has an awesome combination of all three bold flavors, with one taking the lead at different times of the pull.  On the inhale, cherry starts out and slowly builds the lead.  At the height of the inhale, the tart lime flavor hits the high notes.  Then it slowly coasts down to a blue raspberry exhale.  Absolutely spot on flavor.  The only thing that was missing was the wooden stick taste from getting the last few bites.

Cloud Production: This is a 60VG/40PG blend, but the cloud production is still solid.  My Crown tank held the flavors very well and produced amazing clouds all through the entire bottle.

Bottle Size: 15ml, 30ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


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