Month: March 2016

Juice Review: MBYC from Sicboy

Sicboy is one of those lines that I have heard everybody talk about but never got to check out in my area.  Definitely one of the more intriguing juice lines with interesting flavor names, I had to go for the one called “MBYC” first. For those that don’t […]

Juice Review: Carnival from Five Fold

Summer months are just around the corner, and that means festivals.  Lots of festivals.  If it is anything like here in the South, you have lots of fried foods.  Fried pickles, fried Snickers, fried cheesecake….or in the case of Carnival from Five Fold….fried ice cream. As a blogger, […]

Juice Review: Calm from Elixir Vape Co

Alright guys, here it goes.  I wanted to take a little more time with talking about these juices because there is a bit of a personal side that I wanted to share with my “testimonial”.  Let’s start with the profile from the website. “PROMOTES RELAXATION, PEACE OF MIND […]

Juice Review: Mocha Joe from Liquivana

I’m starting out my posts on Liquivana with a flavor that should seem quite obvious.  Of course I would start with a coffee flavor…. “Solid flavor for the coffee lovers with a subtle decadent chocolate undertone. This is our signature flavor that even the vapers who don’t drink […]