Juice Review: Illusion from VapeStorm

This may or may not come as a complete shock to you guys…but I love coffee.  Not only do I love coffee, but I love coffee flavored things.  Espresso beans covered in chocolate, coffee flavored canned energy drinks, all of it!  But when it comes to coffee flavored vapes, that becomes a bit of a challenge.

I talked before about Resistor from High Voltage, which was able to pull off a very solid espresso flavor mixed with caramel.  At the time, probably one of my favorite coffee vapes.  The reason being that all of the others I tried gave a “burned hair” flavored quality that turns a lot of people away from coffee vapes.

VapeStorm takes this and applies two different flavor mixes to the coffee flavor, and creates two very unique flavors.  One is called Shots After Dark, and the other is this one.  The website describes it like this:

“It isn’t all smoke and mirrors, promise. Illusion has won best in show for coffee for a reason. It’s creamy, custardy cappuccino with twist is the closest you will get to a authentic coffee shop without the annoyance of a barista spelling your name wrong.”

Flavor:  Rich, black coffee mixed with custard.  You would think that the custard would clash with the coffee, but what it actually does is helps to bring out the deep richness.  This isn’t a coffee vape bogged down with sweetener and other flavor-poppers.  The custard adds a slight sweetness and a slight bit of spicy that hits the corners of your mouth.  To me, this is what a carefully crafted cup of coffee should taste like…even if it’s in a vape.

Cloud Production: Solid cloud production.  Not totally sure about the VG/PG levels on this, but still a good solid balance.

Nicotine Level: 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml



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