Juice Review: HERS from The Couple That Vapes

“A Sweet Peach and Creamy Melon Delight”

We just took a look at HIS, with a New England style flavor.  Very savory flavor without overwhelming on sweetness.  She is originally from Virginia, so her flavor fits very well with a sweet fruit flavor, almost like a tasty drink.

Here’s what I mean:

Flavor: Sweet natural peach flavor from the beginning.  It kind of reminds me of taking trips to South Carolina with my parents, stopping at a side market for some fresh peaches during the summer.  Perfect ripe flavor.

I got a strange smell that almost reminded me of bubble gum, but I think it was the blend of melon and peach flavorings.  Speaking of the melon, I can barely taste the melon.  Basically what it does is helps to spread the sweet peach flavor to other taste buds for a full taste experience.

Cloud Production: Able life, baby!!  Clouds for days, hit after hit with no sacrifice to flavor.

If you want to try a bottle of HERS, send an email to thecouplethatvapes@gmail.com.  Tell them that CoffeeFuel sent you.  πŸ™‚

Until next time, vape on!!


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